Dec 12 2018
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These are details from some of the emails and letters received by The People’s Brexit.

Please get in touch with your views, we are just starting out with this record of public opinion please help us build it.

Mrs G from Bristol (who was a Voter between 1961-1971)

Said in her email it was “all underhand and it was decided for the public rather than by the public”. She went on to say “it doesn’t matter if there was literature or not as there was no vote given”. Also she commented that “unless you were looking for literature in the Post Office you do not notice it even if it was there”.

She summarized by saying “we were told we were doing it and that was the end of that!…..It was all supposed to be about more money and jobs but it was sneaky and the public were not fully aware of what could be involved over the years”.

She finished by saying that she was “very angry to this day that she did not get a vote on it!”

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